The Walking School Bus helps kids get to school safely

Dedicated parents are making sure children get to school safely. 

Lashanda Copeland volunteers for the Walking School Bus - a program that provides adult supervision for children who have to walk to school alone.

"Some parents may work early in the morning. They go to work and they have to be there at 6:30. Sometimes those children are left to walk to school by themselves," Mort Elementary School Social Worker Melissa Enxzor said.

She started the program 8 years ago. It has helped more than 200 kids.

"We're trying to empower families to work together to get their kids to school," Enxzor said.

The group has grown closer together.

"We act like we are brothers and sisters until we get home to our regular families," volunteer Lashanda Copeland said. "We look out for each other we protect each other."

The kids have inspired Lashanda. 

"Thanks to this walking school bus, it inspired me to go back to school and get my education," she said.

The journey has been a blessing and labor of love for students and parents - building a stronger community by working together for the safety of their children.