Theater workers try to solve mysery of found Army jacket

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The Players Centre theater in Sarasota is working to solve the mystery surrounding what appears to be an Army Colonel's jacket found after a recent show. 

The single military jacket has turned the theater costume manager into a detective.

"I know that we've put those on," he pointed out.

Jared Walker is trying to piece together the history of the jacket, which went to the cleaners after a recent show at the Players Centre. When it was picked up, the cleaner pointed out a card holder and the cards of Colonel Paul Wilfred Grenier of the United States Army found in a pocket.

"It made me very curious about the guy who actually wore the coat," Walker said.

He began investigating and his boss, Michelle Bianchi-Pingel joined in.

"I thought, 'This is kind of exciting. We need to find out who this is, where the family is,'" she said.

So far, they haven't had any leads. They have no idea when the coast was brought in or who dropped it off. It's possible that it's been in the theater for decades.

"We have two levels of men's and women's costumes here. It's in the thousands. It's impossible to count," said Walker.

The jacket's military bars indicate Col. Wilfred received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. He likely fought in World War II and has the Southwest Asia service medal.

"It's preserving history and it's almost like history coming to life on our stage," said Bianchi-Pingel.

Their research shows a Paul Wilfred died in 1995 in Bradenton. They're hopeful his family is near so they can help honor his memory.

"We have pictures. They can see the actual coat on stage. Would like to get to know them. Would like to get to know how he was, who he was, what he did for our country was so amazing," said Bianchi-Pingel.