‘They become addicting’: Bay Area woman rescues more than 300 poodles in 16 years

Constanza Bryant's home looks like a scene from 101 Dalmatians, except with poodles – but she’s no Cruella De Vil.  

"I have five and I have a permanent foster," Bryant shared.   

Bryant is part of Florida Poodle Rescue, a group that provides foster homes for dogs. 

"We're just a group of volunteers," she explained. "We don't get any money from anybody. We just collect adoption fees, do fundraisers, sell calendars, sell T-shirts, you know, just to make ends meet."  

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The group has been around since 1994 and has rescued more than 9,000 abandoned dogs. They hope to find them all permanent homes. 

"When we take the dogs in, we bring them to the vet and have a complete medical evaluation and we do whatever type of surgeries they may need," Bryant stated. "It could be spaying and it could dental. Or they could need orthopedic surgery… They could be blind." 

Bryant has fostered more than 300 dogs over the past 16 years.  

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"I have taken dogs that are handicapped or dogs that are seniors," she said. "I love the seniors. They're easy, they're sweet. And you know, you just give them the best life you can for the few years that they have left."  

She says there is a great need to rescue these dogs. 

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"Like two months ago, we picked up 18 dogs from Valdosta, Georgia," Bryant recalled. "The woman had 70 poodles and Georgia Poodle Rescue took as many as they could. And then they called us and we took the 18 that were left."  

Joining the grassroots organization has changed her life forever. 

"That was the beginning to the end because poodles are like potato chips. You know, you can't just have one, and they become addicting," Bryant said.

Bryant says they are always in need of more volunteers. 

LINK: For more information on volunteering with Florida Poodle Rescue visit https://www.floridapoodlerescue.org.

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