Thief stashes cash where 'sun don't shine'

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A pickpocket in St. Petersburg brought a whole new meaning to the term "junk in the trunk" on Sunday. 

St. Petersburg Police Department posted shocking surveillance video on their Facebook page today, along with a message asking for help in identifying a female pickpocket. The suspect allegedly stole a $50 bill from the pocket of a man standing in front of her in line at the Southside Food Mart at 2234 4th Street S.  

Police say that as she picked the victim's pocket, he noticed what was happening and confronted her. But the suspect made sure the man would not be getting his $50 back. 

As St. Pete Police said in their Facebook post, "She put the money in her underwear and blatantly, in a vulgar manner, disregarded his request for the money back." 

Although one might assume the victim may not have wanted the bill back after the suspect bent over and showed him that she put the booty in her booty. 

As the victim called police, the woman reportedly fled the scene on a bicycle-- which was likely not the most comfortable ride given her choice of hiding places for the loot. 

The suspect is described as a black female in her late-20s to early-30s with black hair. She is between five-feet six-inches, and five-feet eight-inches tall, weight approximately 180 pounds. She was wearing a pink dress, flat shoes and her hair pulled up at the time of the robbery. 

Anyone with information on the identity or whereabouts of the suspect is asked to contact Detective Bilbrey of the St. Pete Police Department at 727-893-4272.