'Thin blue line' runs deep for Sarasota family

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It was a Facebook invitation she couldn't turn down.

"It was a worldwide event. I just wanted to show support for our law enforcement, show how much we love them, and respect them and honor what they are doing for us in keeping us safe," said Denise.

It was "Support Law Enforcement Day" on Facebook.  Denise clicked 'like' and then got to work.

"I tied the bows and put them on the porch rails and I thought, 'I need something else,'" she continued.

Then it came to her: A blue ribbon.  She decided to wrap it around her entire home.

"I thought of the thin blue line and it shows our support for all of them and all of the lives lost," she explained.

It is a message that hits home for Denise.  Law enforcement is in her family's blood.

"My husband's great grandfather was killed in the line of duty. My husband's father was shot in the line of duty," said Denise.

Her husband is a retired deputy and now her son wears the badge.

"When he goes off to work every day, I just ask God to keep his hands of protection around him and that is  how we get along," she said.

Denise's husband, David, hopes support will be given.

"Being retired law enforcement, I support them. Everyone should support them. It's a hard job and apparently it's getting harder," said David.

It is a small gesture, but the couple hopes it will speak volumes.

"Maybe  a lot of people don't even know what it means, but maybe they will see it and look up what it means. Maybe it will help and people will say cops are good guys and maybe they need our support," he said.

The pair hope added support will keep those carrying the badge safe.

"I see a lot more people wanting to stand up and help," Denise added.