Thirsty burglar raids victim’s refrigerator before exposing himself, police say

Courtesy: Haines City Police Department

A Haines City man may have been a little parched when police say he let himself into an 89-year-old woman’s home through an unlocked back door on Monday and exposed himself to her and her caregiver.  

According to the Haines City Police Department, after entering the woman’s home uninvited, 25-year-old Keandra Griner approached the homeowner's 32-year-old caregiver and tried to pull down her pants. When he was not able to do that, police say he went up to the 89-year-old woman and displayed his genitals in front of her. 

The victims told officers that the man grabbed an apple juice from the woman’s refrigerator before walking into the bedroom with his pants down and his genitals in hand. 

The woman said she pushed Griner out of the way and went into her living room, where he continued to show his genitals. The woman told police she asked him to leave and though he initially refused, he eventually exited the house through the rear door. 

The woman told police that Griner did not touch her and he did not have permission to be in her home. 

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Officers located Griner at a nearby 7-11. Police say the victims positively identified Griner, and he was arrested. 

Griner has been charged with burglary with assault and battery and two counts of exposure of sexual organs.