This indoor adventure park in Tampa isn’t just for the kids

Tampa’s new Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park has something for the whole family to enjoy. From kids to adults, everyone is invited to join in the fun. 

"We don't want mom and dad sitting down with their tablet or their laptop,” said Billy Finocchi with Urban Air Adventure Park. “We want them to put their jump socks on along with their children, get out onto our apex trampoline, or get into our dodge ball court and have fun with their kid.”

The park boasts impressive attractions such as a warrior course, numerous trampolines, and even an indoor zipline.  

"You can't go anywhere in the greater Tampa Bay Area and find a park like ours,” said Finocchi. 

The uniqueness of the park is what sets it apart from other trampoline parks. With obstacle courses, like the “Wipeout,” guests both young and old can discover their inner kid. 

“It's a trampoline attraction that's split up in 8 different sections,” said Finocchi. "Up to 8 people can play at a time, and there's a rotating pair of arms, one is high, the other's low. You've got to duck under the high one and jump over the low one. If the bar hits you, you're out of the game. If the last person standing, you're the winner."

But the park highlights that guests just can’t get enough of would have to be their SkyRider Coaster. 

"It's an indoor zipline,” said Finocchi. “It takes you throughout our park. You launch on one side of the park, and it basically makes a complete circle. You're flying over all of our other attractions, all of our other guests. It's really cool.” 

Whether you’d rather be bouncing on the ground or flying high in the sky, guests both young and old will be coming back for more. 

"We want them to keep coming back, time after time,” said Finocchi. 

The park is open every day for open play. Guess are even able to reserve a room inside the park to host a birthday party or other special events. 

LINK: For more information on ticket prices and times, visit Urban Air Adventure Park’s website.