Tiny hurricane survivors headed to SPCA Tampa Bay

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Two furry survivors of Hurricane Michael are headed to SPCA Tampa Bay.

A puppy, now named Michaela, and a kitten, named Michael, will be available for adoption sometime soon.

The 8-week-old puppy, Michaela was discovered at the last minute by Franklin County Humane Society workers as they rushed to evacuate animals from their shelter.

They had just finished up when an employee went back to make one last check. As she entered the shelter, she realized someone had left the lab-mix puppy in the overnight drop area sometime during the evacuation.

Later, Franklin County Humane Society’s staff took shelter from the storm in a local church. While there, they heard faint mews.

That night, they spotted a Siamese-mix kitten inside the church with them.

Michael the kitten was understandably scared, but he quickly warmed up to his rescuers.

Now they’re both safe and preparing for their journey to SPCA Tampa Bay.

The Humane Society of Pinellas County also sent a crew to help shelter workers in Franklin County. Saturday, they arrived in the Panhandle and got to work packing up animals to bring back to the Bay Area.