Tiny kitten rescued from storm drain by Clearwater Fire

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Clearwater firefighters went beyond the call of duty Saturday to rescue a kitten from a storm drain. 

Police officers were initially called to the scene near Bob Evans, just off Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard.

They found the tiny, orange and white kitten caught in the drain. 

Clearwater police officers called in backup in the form of fire rescue crews.

Medics Brian Schonborn, Rob Winer, Drew Eddinger, and Luke Jaso from Truck 48B came to the scene. One of them crawled through the drainage pipe to get to the kitten.

Photos posted on Facebook show a very tired, very thankful kitten snuggled against a medic's chest, wrapped in a towel. 

It appeared to be in good health. 

According to commenters on the Clearwater Fire Rescue Facebook page, the Bob Evans employee who first heard the kitten's cries gave the little one a good home.