Toddler living her best life dancing with corn dog to Beyonce

Video of an adorable little girl living her best life and dancing with a corn dog with her hair blowing in the wind is going viral, having been viewed more than 11 million times.

Brooke Emilee Mooney's daughter, Baylor, was inspired by a video she recently saw of another girl dancing to Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love' and decided to perform her own rendition. 

Baylor, who turns two next month, asked her mom to switch on the fan so her hair could blow in the wind as she danced. 

“I did as she asked,” said Mooney. "She was dancing on the counter-top in front of the fan while taking bites of her corn dog in between her dance moves, when I knew I had to get this on video."

“At first, I was trying to tell her to put her corn dog down so I could film her dancing, but she was adamant to keep holding that corn dog, so I decided it would be okay and let her continue dancing while holding it," Mooney said.

“Workin’ that Beyoncé wind... with a corn dog in hand!” Baylor’s mom, Brooke Mooney, wrote in the Facebook caption.

Originally, the Reno, Nev., mom of two shared the dancing event – which is a frequent occurrence in their household, she said – with her friends and family on Facebook, but they urged her to share it with more people, local outlet KOLO reported. 

Since she shared the video on Saturday, shows like Ellen, Good Morning America and the Today Show have all featured the little dancing queen — and brought smiles to thousands on social media.