TopGolf Live comes to Raymond James Stadium

Raymond James Stadium is usually reserved for punts and passes from the Buccaneers, but now golf fans can tee off at the stadium. 

Starting today through Sunday, TopGolf Live is happening at Ray Jay for four days, June 3-6, as part of a stadium tour.

People of all skill levels can try to hit golf balls towards glowing targets on the field, between 60 and 140 yards from the tee box.

It's a larger-than-life golf experience. 

"It's fun. we're having a good time just shooting, attempting to hit these targets, but we're not doing a good job," said Dennis Akers. "Definitely an extension of TopGolf. Mot much is lost other than it's a little more sun, but it's been awesome."

And just like regular TopGolf, technology traces the flight path of the golf balls, instantly scoring every shot. Tickets are sold online starting at $65 for adults and $40 for students. 

To buy tickets, visit