Town 'N Country drying out after the floods

The cleanup effort in parts of Town ‘N Country is underway.

Donald Schirmer took Fox 13 cameras inside his home where several inches of water seeped in Monday.

"I was taking this bucket here in the kitchen scooping the water and dumping it down the sink," he described.

Outside cushions are baking in the sun as are the cars in the driveway. Next door even more clean-up is underway.

"10 maybe 14 inches of water in the house," recalled Minh Dang.

"Once you see it is in you sit around and wait till it's over because there's nothing else you can really do there's no stopping it," he said.

It's a similar story for a number of the homes in Town & County, including one homeowner that called up a professional restoration company.

"You see a lot of it on pictures and movies you hear a lot of about but you never experience it, it overwhelms you," said Schirmer.