TPD re-creates fatal DUI scene in Ybor City

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Police in Ybor City held a mock crash event Wednesday night, with a very real message.

“Drinking and driving - it’s a terrible epidemic that we're trying to solve, we've got a long road ahead,” said Sgt. John Womack with the Tampa Police Department.

Nearly 400 people got an up-close look at how a tragic scenario can unfold. TPD calls it "Over the Line," an interactive re-creation of a fatal crash scene, set up on 7th Avenue. The demonstration begins with Tampa Fire Rescue using the Jaws of Life in a mock extraction. 

The idea is to scare onlookers into thinking twice before getting behind the wheel with a buzz.

“Maybe they’ll think more than once. Maybe I shouldn’t drink and drive, let me do an alternative,” said Sgt. Womack.

Over the weekend, investigators say Bryce McCloud chose not to go with an alternative. He’s accused of plowing into a pair of music teachers while drunk behind the wheel. Caroline Sine lost her life. Sean Hankins is still fighting for his.

That was in Pinellas County, across the bay. Hillsborough County leads the entire state of Florida in the number of DUI fatalities.

“It is not worth it to take someone’s life, take your own life, it’s not worth it. Responsibility is where it begins. Make the decisions before you go out,” said Linda Unfried with MADD.