Trauma packs donated to several Polk teachers

It is an uncomfortable thought, but violence could break out at any school at any time.

A few weeks ago at a community college in Oregon, a 26-year-old man fatally opened fire on an assistant professor, 8 other students, and then killed himself.

Lakeland's Rotary Club has teamed up with the fire and police departments on a project to hopefully save lives, just in case.

The Rotary Club bought dozens of trauma packs, which include splints, a tourniquet and other items that could be used if a shooter came on campus, or if natural disaster struck.

"I would hate for something to happen and say , ‘Only if I had something to save that life, I could have,’" said Lt. Matt Brown, of Lakeland Fire Rescue. "Now, we've got something to do that."

Brown trained several teachers earlier this week on how to use the items in the pack as a temporary measure until emergency crews arrive.

"I look at it as being prepared," said Southwest Middle School principal, Tye Bruno. "You never know what can happen."

The packs cost $60 dollars each. The Rotary Club picked up the tab, and hopes to be able to one day buy a pack for every teacher in the county.