Tree crashes through Homosassa driver's windshield - while driving

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It was a crash he just couldn't see coming. A Citrus County man had a tree fall right through his windshield while he was driving. While his car wasn't so lucky, he avoided serious injuries by mere inches.

Friday morning, Bob Allan was cruising down Homosassa Trail. "Just an average day off from work," Allan said.

Except, this was no average calendar day.

"All of a sudden, boom! There's a huge explosion," Allan said. "A freak accident on Friday the 13th. It felt like the roof exploded. I had no idea what happened. There was glass flying everywhere."

He pulled over, still unsure of what just smashed through his windshield.

"Next thing I know, all these cars stop. They came running over and said you got hit by a tree," Allan said. "And, you could see this huge limb coming over the top of what was the sunroof. The sunroof was completely gone and it just missed me by a couple inches."

The Nissan Altima, which he'd just bought 6 months ago, was in bad shape. Bob, on the other hand, unbuckled his seat belt without a single injury, not even a scratch.

"I was extremely lucky that my wife was not in the passenger seat because unfortunately, if someone was in the passenger seat, that's where it went right through," Allan said.

It's not clear what brought the tree down. Just a few small pieces remain on the side of the road.

Call it bad luck or maybe even good luck. "Extremely lucky," Allan said about the situation.

Whatever luck Bob is having, Friday the 13th seems like as good a day as any for him to play the lottery.

"I'm probably gonna do that tonight," he said.

Bob says the car sustained about $10,000 in damage. The good news is, he says his insurance company was quick to respond and take care of the damage. He hopes to have his car back within two weeks, minus the tree.