Rainy week in Florida: Tropical downpours headed to Bay Area

Central and South Florida will soon get the rain it desperately needs, according to FOX 13 News Meteorologist Dave Osterberg.

High-and low-pressure areas are working together to funnel moisture over the state.

Water temperatures in the Caribbean are in the mid to upper 80s, which is on par with what water temperatures usually are around Labor Day weekend.

"So that, of course, is the cause for concern. A lot of deep tropical moisture to work with. You've got water temperatures around the state of Florida in the upper 80s, close to 90 degrees, if you can believe that," shared Osterberg.

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Deep tropical moisture in the western Caribbean is getting pulled northward throughout the upcoming workweek.

According to Osterberg, the majority of rainy conditions in Florida will start to arrive late Tuesday.

"But the computer models themselves are not painting any significant development out of that tropical moisture being pulled northward. But with that said, the state of Florida, especially central and south Florida, gets a good soaking this week due to that deep tropical moisture from the western Caribbean," explained Osterberg.

After a hot and steamy weekend in the Bay Area, temperatures are expected to cool down to the mid 80s by Tuesday because of the rain.