USAA gives 10 Bay Area veterans new cars

It was an avalanche of emotion for Army veteran Gary Jackson and nine other Bay Area veterans who were gifted new cars Thursday thanks to USAA insurance in Tampa.

The cars are expected to change their lives for the better.     

"To go through so much and to finally feel like somebody sees it and notices and commends you all the hard work. It’s everything you could ask for," Jackson said. 

"This is the first time in 30 years, I felt like, ‘Thank you for your service’ means something.  I’m trying to control my emotions its tough," shared Lisa Lindsey. 

Lindsey is an Air Force veteran who lost her job during the pandemic.  Her new ride opens up a world of possibilities. 

Ten Bay Area veterans received new cars from USAA.

Ten Bay Area veterans received new cars from USAA. 

"When it comes to work it expanded my job area from five miles around my home to Orlando and Tampa," she said.  "Peace of mind, my goodness the peace of mind it is going to give," she added. 

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USAA is giving away 100 cars in 2022 and these cars brings the organization to 76.

Brandon Holmes served in the Air Force, now he'll fly around in a silver Dodge Durango. 

USAA plans to give away 100 cars to veterans in 2022.

USAA plans to give away 100 cars to veterans in 2022. 

"Now we got a vehicle we can get to and from kids practices work, and everything like that it's coming at a perfect time," Holmes stated. 

"It is absolutely wonderful we can do something do special because we say we know what it means to serve at USAA," said Shelina Frey, a USAA military affairs representative.