Very good service dog poses for yearbook photo at Arkansas elementary school

( Life Touch/Gravette Upper Elementary )

A very good service dog is making her first appearance in an Arkansas elementary school's yearbook.

Gravette Upper Elementary said Tosha works as a service dog for Treyton Hudson, a fifth-grade student who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy. When medications wouldn't working, his family looked into getting a service dog.

According to KHBS, the school community held a fundraiser to help the little boy's family buy Tosha, who is trained to alert an adult when Treyton is about to suffer a seizure.

“If he is actively seizing, he crawls under his head to protect him, but she can sense when he’s not acting right,” Treyton's mother Jessica Burchette told KARK.

She said Tosha has quickly become a member of their family, and has made a huge difference in her son's life.

"He was very self-conscious about himself and scared. He didn't want to go anywhere because he was worried he would have a seizure," Burchette told KHBS. "The confidence level that he has now that he has Tosha is just amazing. She's given him his life back."

The school celebrated Tosha by giving the dog her very own spot in their yearbook.

"She sat so nicely for her very first school pictures last week!" the school wrote in a Facebook post. "We are proud of how well she has acclimated to the culture here at GUE... and how well our students have welcomed her into our family."