Victim of hit-and-run could be stuck with the bill

This is not what Brice Robert was expecting to find when he returned home from vacation. 

Police say a road rage incident between two drivers ended with one crashing through Robert's home. 

Now, Robert is left to pick up the pieces. He says it's unclear if either of the drivers had insurance at the time of the crash. If not, he may have to pay a $5,000 deductible to make the repairs.

It wasn't just his home that was damaged, his truck was also totaled. 

"I was just shocked," Robert said. "About the whole story and the situation. I was just in shock. I'm still in shock."

The crash happened Friday in Tampa's Seminole Heights neighborhood. Police say it was the result of a heated traffic incident involving 2 drivers on I-275. One driver thought the other side-swiped them so they began chasing the car, which would later crash into Robert's home and truck.

"I love that thing," Robert said. "It's just a tough situation. I have a company car though, which is good so it's not urgent that I get another car, but I had a lot of memories in that thing."

Robert is now working with police and the insurance company to get the necessary repairs done as soon as possible. He hopes the incident can serve as important lesson of what not to do when behind the wheel.

"If you're going fast at the time it might not seem like a big deal," Robert said. "But things obviously change pretty quick and they can't just go back to normal so just be safe out there."

Police say both drivers are facing charges for reckless driving. The driver who crashed into the home tried to run from the scene, but was arrested a short time later. She's facing an additional charge of a hit-and-run with damage to property.