Video shows brazen car burglary suspects

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They swarm, scatter, and strike. An army of crooks was seen on surveillance video this weekend, working a Pinellas Park neighborhood with more finesse than fear.

Police say this kind of crime is on the rise.

"It has been a trend over the past couple of months, throughout the Bay Area, not just here in Pinellas Park," Pinellas Park Police Sgt. Mike Lynch said Tuesday.

Police say criminals often strike in otherwise quiet neighborhoods that are close to the interstate, so they can grab and go.

"Anything they can get their hands on -- GPS, things that you leave in your car. Unfortunately, sometimes people leave their firearms in their cars," Lynch continued.

Police believe several teams are behind the burglaries. They're using a system that maximizes efficiency and minimizes risk.

"They'll leave an individual in a car waiting. Often, these cars are stolen," Lynch explained.

Police say often, these crimes go unreported because the criminal only got petty cash. Still, investigators urge the public to report all crimes. They never know when or where they'll get a piece of evidence that helps lock up an entire group.

And, police say, the easiest way to protect yourself is to make it a habit to lock your car doors.