Video: Tourist mobbed after climbing sacred Mayan pyramid in Mexico

There's always that one person on vacation. 

A recent video has gone viral showing a tourist climbing a sacred and protected Mayan monument prompting an angry crowd to confront her with boos and water being thrown at her. 

The woman was recorded climbing the Pyramid of Kukulcan at the archeological site of Chichen-Itza in Yucatan, Mexico, on November 20. 

Thomas Calderon live-streamed video showing the tourist, in bright-red pants, climbing to the top of the ancient structure. She then makes her descent into an angry crowd. In the caption, he wrote [translated], "Woman climbs the pyramid in Chichen-Itza is booed, beaten, and detained by the authorities."

As the woman climbs up and down the pyramid, a crowd starts videotaping her actions as onlookers begin to boo her and throw insults her way. 

Another video captured by Calderon shows the woman pushing her way through a crowd of angry people some of them who appear to be grabbing at her.

Climbing the pyramid has been banned since 2008 amid preservation concerns, and the Congress of the United Mexican States established hefty fines for such acts in The Federal Law on Monuments and Archaeological, Artistic and Historical Areas.

Local news outlets reported the tourist was detained "and taken to the nearby town of Piste for questioning."