Violators will be towed: Backing into spots at Tampa apartment complex not allowed

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A Tampa woman is irate after having to pay $150 after her car was towed from a visitor parking space in Tampa Heights. 

Winnetta, who asked FOX 13 not to use her real name, was visiting a friend Wednesday, around lunchtime, at the Mobley Park Apartments. She parked in a spot designated for visitors, however, when she came out three hours later, her car had been towed.

“I’m mad at the tow company because they don’t have any sympathy or any pity,” she said.

It turns out, she backed into the spot which Mobley Park doesn’t allow. Signs indicating the rule are posted at entrances, but some say they’re easy to miss.

“Telling someone how they should park their vehicles, that’s a bit outrageous,” said Javier Ramirez who lives at Mobley Park. 

He and a friend weren’t aware of the rule, themselves.

Target Recovery and Transport has a contract with Mobley Park to tow improperly parked vehicles. The company's president says the employee who towed the car was just doing their job. He said residents sign paperwork that spells out those rules.

“I would say that blame's on her and the friend because there are signs that clearly state nobody is to be backed in,” said company president Aaron Watkins.

His advice: Always check the rules or ask someone when you park somewhere with which you are not familiar. 

Winetta still thinks it is unfair. 

“It is very frustrating because you're just giving out money to these tow companies,” she said.