Visually impaired teens help Metro Ministries during summer program

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Valencia Williams has been spending part of her summer stocking shelves at the Metropolitan Ministries campus in Pasco County.

"I ended up organizing all the peanut butter, best accomplishment ever," said Williams.

Valencia is exceptionally proud because this good work for her community is helping her manage through her own challenge. She's one of six teens from the Lighthouse For The Visually Impaired and Blind who are volunteering to help.

"It makes me feel like a normal person instead of people saying 'oh you can't do that because of your vision,'" said volunteer Branden Hankins.

"I wanted them to get the feeling of I can give back, even though I have a visual disability that's not going to stop me," said Anna Whitman of Lighthouse.

The kids have each other's backs too.

"We call each other our extra eyes," said volunteer Sierra Poth.

"The lighthouse kids have been a tremendous help to us all summer they just jumped right in, gave them tasks to do and before we knew it they were like regular staff people here," said Stacy Wymon of Metropolitan Ministries.

It's been a partnership that benefits the community and the kids.

"You help each other. You can help others," said Poth.

The kids plan to be back at Metropolitan Ministries to help out for the holidays.