Volunteer gives back to the hospital that saved her son's life

It’s been on the top of Jeanette Bright's bucket list for over 20 years. She's now volunteering at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in St. Pete. "I just feel like this is one of those things that I need to be doing."

Twenty-two years ago, Jeanette was pregnant with her son Lorenzo and ended up at All Children’s Hospital because she wasn't feeling well. "I ended up with preeclampsia and he was born two months early. I had no idea that he was suffering with that. So him being born early saved both of our lives."

Jeanette was a victim's advocate for St. Pete police for 31 years. She retired two years ago and decided to give back to the hospital that saved her son's life.

"I'm just thankful," continued Jeanette. "I'm so thankful because he has done some incredible things after coming in the world so small. He has done some big things."

Lorenzo just graduated from FSU and is working on a master's degree from John Hopkins. After that he wants to get a Ph.D. in history so that he can work in a museum as a historian.

"If there's anything that I'm really trying to do, I just go for it. Because at this point, if that wasn't enough to stop me, so what else can," Lorenzo said.

Jeanette volunteers in the children's game room so that she can be close to family who may need a word of encouragement, providing hope for parents when they need it most.

"There's always hope,” she said. “Just hang in there because it will work out, it will work out."