Volunteers delivering Easter to kids with disabilities this weekend

A Bay Area organization is making sure kids with special needs still have the joy of Easter, despite 'stay at home' orders due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“Could you imagine being at home and Easter coming and no easter basket?" asked Ann Foyt, the executive director of FRIENDS. "That’s one of the greatest joys of being a kid.”

Luckily, for about 80 children, they won’t know that feeling this Easter. Volunteer Judy Henry, a semi-retired ER nurse, is helping make it happen.

She worked through the AIDS epidemic and wanted to find a way to help with coronavirus, so she decided to make Easter baskets for disabled children.

She spent days putting together 80 baskets to donate to the FRIENDS organization.

“The Down syndrome community is very dear to my heart. And the kids right now are suffering because they can’t go outside and they’re scared to get the virus,” Henry said.

The Easter baskets will be delivered to families on Thursday and Friday and will be left on the doorstep to make sure everyone is safe.

Foyt said, “Hopefully the kids will enjoy them. I know for some parents, they are unable to get out to go shopping. It’s too scary. Our kids have low immune systems so if someone sneezes at them they will get whatever is going around.” 

Both women hope the baskets have the kids hopping with joy this Easter.

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