'Warrior Sailing' helps veterans with injuries seen and unseen

Through sailing some can find healing and it’s one of the goals of Warrior Sailing.  

A non-profit started in St. Petersburg in 2013, the program is designed for our military veterans dealing with injuries both seen and unseen.  

The program uses sailing as a platform to “positively impact the participant’s physical and mental health while reconnecting them with the camaraderie and teamwork previously found in military service.”  

Their core program is called Basic Training Camp. It’s a three day intensive where participants are taught the basics of sailing and sailboat racing. Those taking part do so at no cost; lodging, transportation, meals, equipment, everything is provided for them.  

Sammy Lugo was one of the first veterans to take part in the program. A U.S. Army retiree, his left leg had been amputated below the knee and he found himself spending a lot of time on his couch.  

Now, six years later you can find him helping to train new warrior sailors while also taking part in races across the country.  

He credits the program for his love of sailing and the lifestyle he now lives.

For more information on Warrior Sailing, including how to help the program, check out their website: