Was Texas gunman's history of domestic violence a clue?

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Could Devin Kelley’s past, driven him to kill?  His rocky-history included a divorce, a less than honorable discharge from the Air Force and an on-going domestic dispute with his family.

“A large percent of mass shootings are tied back to domestic violence,” said Mindy Murphy.

Murphy is in charge of the Spring of Tampa Bay. She says perpetrators and those who threaten domestic violence are often not taken seriously enough, sometimes with devastating consequences.

”It’s not just between the victim and perpetrator it spills out into that victims family work colleagues it spills out into the public,” she said.

“In 1970 when I was 16 years old my father stepped outside a church and killed one of the deacons that was helping my family because of domestic issues we were having,” said Jim Howard.

Since then, Howard's life has come full circle.

He spent more than 35 years in law enforcement and today teaches churches, big and small, how to protect themselves. He is the executive director of Trinity Security Allies, Inc.

”There's three people that come into church, there are those that come in to worship, there are those hurting and one step away from making a mistake they may regret for life and then you have a wolf in sheep's clothing,” Howard told FOX 13.

Sunday, the wolf wore all black, a ballistics vest and was armed with a rifle.

”What we want to start doing is looking for the anomalies things that are out of place and we want to tell somebody if we notice something,” Howard said.