WATCH: Charlotte teacher has personalized handshake for each student

A North Carolina teacher is connecting with students in an incredible way: greeting them every day with their own personalized handshake.

Barry White, Jr., a fifth-grade teacher at Ashley Park Pre K-8 School in Charlotte, has an incredible, personalized teaching style that the the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District says they are so proud of.

Each handshake is personalized for each student he greets and somehow he manages to remember them all.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers' fan says he got the idea from Lebron James when he noticed him doing specialized handshakes with his friends. Thinking it looked like a great way to connect with his students, he tried it on a student in another class.

Video of Mr. White greeting his students posted on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools page and shared by thousands of people has now been seen millions of times and he was even flown to New York to be on the Today Show. 

"It started with a fourth grade student last year. She used to wait outside my door in the morning and she would get in trouble for being late. The teacher would say, 'Come on the bell's ringing!' 'I gotta wait for Mr. White to do my handshake!' And it was so powerful, so simple," he said.

"So I decided, you know what, I'm going to bring that feeling to my whole entire grade, fifth grade, 60 plus students," he said. "This year, it's been amazing being able to impact them," he said.

Mr. White says it's easy to remember all the handshakes because the kids ask to do the handshake every time they see him. "It's just muscle memory at this point," he laughs.

He says he just wants to make each one of his kids feel special. And it's working!