WATCH: 'Chilly' puppy rescued from pipe

Video shot Sunday in Washington Park, Illinois, demonstrates the types of situations that Stray Rescue of St. Louis runs into.

A puppy had become stuck in a pipe, but it wasn't just any puppy.

"This group of dogs we've been rescuing for over a year. It's a feral pack of dogs. It means none of them have ever been touched by people," rescuer Randy Grim explained. 

The pup had crawled into a pipe as temperatures in the Midwest plummeted.

She's now safe and warm, but there's still work to do.

"I always tell people,  there's two more we're trying to rescue -- it's like chasing rabbits at this age, I call it," Grim added.

Rescuers decided to name the pup 'Chilly.'  She's now up for adoption at the shelter, which says they're full with animals needing forever homes because of the cold.

LINK: Read more on their website