Watch: Mother deer nudges fawn from middle of road

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Spring means it's the season for baby animals so when a driver in Port Orchard, Washington saw a mother deer with her baby in the roadway, she turned off her car, turned on her flashers, and took out her camera.

Jessie Larson was driving on Baby Doll Road May 31 when she saw the fawn laying down on the concrete. Its mother was on the side of the road, trying to decide if it was safe to come out and coax her little one along. 

Larson said she lives nearby and knew the sound of her car engine would scare the mother, so she turned off her car while the doe walked toward her baby. 

Larson said she was overjoyed to be there to capture the moment on video.

The fawn took a few moments to gain its confidence, but then trotted along behind its mother and out of harm's way.