WATCH: Shark snags fish from line, startling family

A family aboard a sportfishing boat off Cape Cod Bay on Saturday got a serious taste of life under the sea after a shark breached the water right in front of their eyes.

The ship's captain, Marc Costa of Columbia Sportfishing in Orleans, Mass., said his boat was about three miles west of Great Island in Wellfleet when the encounter took place, reports

"We have just gone out and got two fish on," Costa said. "Bringing the fish in, you can see what happened. That animal came up and grabbed the fish, right there. Right in our faces. It was pretty cool."

Costa said he's certain it was a great white shark.

Ten days prior and about two miles south, Costa said another group saw a much bigger great white shark do the same thing. That shark, he said, was about 70 feet from the boat.

Sharks are reportedly spotted in the area rather consistently, as they prey on seals in the waters off Cape Cod. Groups have been monitoring the activity of the animals to ensure everyone's safety.

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