Where are the workers? Small businesses still struggling to find employees despite strong U.S. jobs report

The owner of Ybor City’s Due Amici Pizza restaurant says hiring workers to fill open positions has been darn-near impossible lately. 

"This is horrible. Bad is not the word," said owner Genti Bunjaku. 

While Friday's better-than-expected jobs report may show promise, it hasn't exactly made the cut here yet. 

"It is trickling down to American Airlines it's trickling down to Walmart. It is not trickling down to mom-and-pop shops, that’s over 50% of the country," he said

James Harper, owner of the Ybor Vegan Deli finds himself in the same boat. He has up to 20 positions available between four locations yet few people seem to want them. 

"I don’t think there's a mass resignation, there's a mass shuffle," Harper said. "They have this thing where people one morning decide they're not going to do AC repair, they’re not going to work in a deli again. The next morning they’re going to be a different thing and the cycle repeats over and over," he added. 

According to the government's report, the recent job growth was found mostly in leisure and hospitality, business services and retail and transportation.

Bunjaku fears it could be quite a while before things turn around for him. 

"There's no light at the end of the tunnel this is going to last at least another two years, minimum," he said.