Why does my pet do that? (Part 2) Pet questions answered by veterinarians

Do you ever wonder what’s going on in your fury little friend’s head? Why do pets and animals do the things they do? 

We asked veterinarians some common pet questions and the answers were fascinating. 

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Veterinarians Dr. Austin Plummer and Dr. Nobuki Stobaeu say domestic dogs and cats are often driven by instincts and offered insight into everything from smells to sounds to silly little quirks.

Why do some dogs carry their food away when they eat?

Tampa veterinarian Dr. Nobuki Stobaeus says it boils down to some dogs being social eaters while others are not. 

A dog licks spilled cream from a kitchen table. (Photo by Markus Scholz/picture alliance via Getty Images)

"They’ve either come from an environment where they had to do that to protect their food because there were other pets or animals in the area, so they grab it, go to their area [to eat], go back, rinse and repeat," Dr. Stobaeus, of Royal Pets Veterinary Center explained.

Why do pets hides things, like bones and toys?

Pets have instincts for what might be a valuable resource, just like humans.

Dogs do it more often than cats, according to St. Petersburg veterinarian Dr. Austin Plummer.

A dog barks from a window on Sunday, Oct. 16, 2022. (Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

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"They may not want it right now, but want it for later, so they go hide it. Sometimes they forget about it, so you go to move your couch and there’s 30 bones underneath it!" Dr. Plummer said.

Why do dogs love smelly things?

Dr. Stobaeus said it's not necessarily about liking the smell. It's about liking their own smell better.

"They’re actually trying to rub their body scent on something, so their scent is the priority," said Stobaeus. 

Dogs are attracted to strong odors, while humans are typically repelled.

Why do dogs eat feces?

Dr. Plummer said dogs may eat another dog's feces because they like the smell of the pheromones. 

A costumed dog at Carnival of dogs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on February 12, 2023. (Photo by Fabio Teixeira/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

However, some dogs may have diet deficiencies and eating feces could be a sign they need a more balanced diet. 

Why do dogs always smell each other’s rear ends?

This is a smell issue of a different kind. It's about being social. 

Dr. Plummer said, "That’s all about getting to know each other." 

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He likens the behavior to people shaking hands. A dog’s nose can give them a lot of information. 

"A dog’s sense of smell is 10 to 100 times stronger than ours. With that comes a lot of information based off smell," Dr. Stobaeus said. 

He adds, "That’s really how they say ‘hello,’ know you're healthy and know who you are."