Wildlife photographers find endless possibilities around Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is the perfect place for nature photographers. From the water to the wildlife to the scenic sunsets, there are endless possibilities. 

Peter Brannon knows this to be true, as do his 14,000 followers on Instagram

The local wildlife photographer lives in Tampa and he's passionate about photographing the many birds that call Florida home, but he also captures any Florida wildlife he comes across. 

Peter Brannon photography

"I hope my Instagram page would inspire people to look at the wildlife is around them every day, because living in Florida, we have such an incredible biodiversity."

Peter’s top 5 Tampa Bay area locations to see wildlife are: 

Peter Brannon photography

"No matter where you are in Florida, you are going to find wildlife to wow you," Peter says. 

To see more of his work, visit https://www.peterbrannon.com.