Winn-Dixie pays for thousands of healthcare workers' groceries

Inspired by a Hollywood star's amazing act of generosity and kindness, Winn-Dixie grocery stores are paying it forward for first responders during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

"Today is our first responders night. We just wanted to take the opportunity to say 'thank you!' and so your groceries are on us tonight."

Workers at Winn-Dixie get to give the gift of groceries from their employer, Southeastern Grocers.

"As a community, if we come together we'll be stronger together and as a community, we'll win together with kindness," said president and CEO of Southeastern Grocers, Anthony Hucker.

The supermarket chain paid for thousand of healthcare workers' groceries. They got the idea from a Hollywood star.

"We were inspired by one person. Tyler Perry's amazing act of generosity and kindness," said Hucker. "So we wanted to do something for the heroes in our community."

The company is hoping their caring act will inspire others to give back.

"So many people are suffering in our community in which we serve today. It's critical to be kind. We remind our associates and customers of the very simple act every single day," Hucker explained.

It's a simple but powerful message.

"Whether it's large or small, do what you can do to pay it forward to help our heroes in our community," explained Hucker.