With one week to go, candidates make final pleas to voters

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Early voting for the Florida primary is underway and, with one week left, candidates are rallying last-minute support.

The GOP race for the governor is neck-and-neck and contenders are trying to get voters to the polls, especially in the Bay Area.

Republican candidate Adam Putnam encouraged supporters in Lakeland to leave no stone unturned.

Experts say many voters are still undecided - so it’s not over until it’s over.

“Usually, the road to Tallahassee leads right through Tampa Bay. It is the largest media market in all of Florida and the candidates in both parties know this is also where you may also have the largest number of persuadable voters,”  

Tuesday night Adam Putnam made a quick stop in Lakeland, thanking his community for its loyal support.

“I’m not leaving any stone unturned in Florida. We’re campaigning in our biggest cities, in our smallest towns, in our backyards, and in every corner of the state,” Putnam said.

But he’s not getting a warm, hometown welcome in other areas of the state.

Republican Ron Desantis is also gaining widespread support.

President Trump’s endorsement – calling Desantis “tough” and “smart” - seems to have been a big victory for the U.S. Representative.

On the Democratic front, there’s more to choose from, which experts say is unusual and at this point. Even still, whoever gets the most points will win.

“Conceivably a Democrat who gets 25 to 30-something [percent] of the votes will get the nomination.  With that, it sets up an unusually unpredictable race and one that will be very, very close and the polls are showing this will be, in fact, a nail-biter,”

Philip Levine was in St. Petersburg Tuesday to personally knock on doors and meet voters who may still be on the fence.

With every door-knock, candidates for governor hope to jump toward victory.

Overall, the race for Florida’s next governor is not easy to predict.

Polls show it’s too close to call and candidates say they’ll campaign until the very end.

The primary election takes place Tuesday, August 28.