Witness in teen's murder now unsure of testimony

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Deputies say the person who shot and killed Manatee County teen Moriah Goode was aiming for someone else.

The man accused in the shooting was in court Tuesday, but the witness who pinned him to the crime apparently changed her mind. Now, Moriah's mom is asking for cooperation. 

It has taken everything Jan Goode has to stand strong in the wake of her daughter's death.

"I am just trying to take my next breath," she said. "I am  just asking for the truth. I'm just asking for justice." 

Jan sat surrounded by her family and investigators Tuesday afternoon as Devon Freeman made his first appearance in Manatee County court. Deputies believe he was aiming for the person Moriah was with.

That person was Frank Brice, who deputies say has a lengthy criminal record. He was even charged in connection with the 2014 murder of a cheerleader, but a jury found him not guilty.

Deputies believe Moriah was an innocent victim in a dispute between Brice and Freeman. They said, as the two men argued, Freeman pulled out a gun and started shooting. Moriah was shot in the chest.

Now, one of the main witnesses is changing her story.

"The word on the street is revenge," Jan Goode told FOX 13 News. "I don't want Moriah to go down with some kind of retaliation thing. I want her to go down as loving, kind, as she was. Moriah would be there for you. Be there for Moriah."

Deputies haven't named the witness, but Moriah's mother hopes her conscious will guide her to do the right thing.

"There is still time to tell the truth. There is still time for justice for Moriah," said Jan.

A judge set Freeman's bond at $500,000.