Woman loses job when her phone number is listed as Amazon distribution center online

A Tampa, Florida woman has received more than 2,500 calls in a month after her cell phone number was somehow mistakenly linked to an Amazon distribution center online.

Paula Graham told FOX 13 the calls started coming in May 16 and didn't stop until just after 5 p.m. June 14.

"My phone rang all day. It was just calls, people cussing me out, wanting to know where their packages were," she said.

She started doing some digging and realized her phone number was appearing alongside a search result for an Amazon distribution center on Adamo Drive.

Paula said she received 500 calls the first day, coming from around the world.

"You'll see Maryland on there. You'll see California on there. You'll see Turkey," she said, scrolling through her call log. "I really am tired of getting calls and I'm tired of getting threatening calls."

The ordeal even temporarily cost Paula her job.

"My phone kept ringing and ringing. Then my boss had to leave her office, come here, and she's like, 'Paula, what is wrong?' I'm like, 'I don't know what's wrong with my phone.' And she's like, 'We're going to have to replace you because we can't depend on you if they need something and [you] can't answer.'"

Paula emailed and called Amazon but didn't have any success.

"I don't want to sue. I just want my number off," she said.

FOX 13 contacted Amazon and, as of 5:15 Friday evening, the issue had been resolved; an Amazon spokesperson said the number had been removed from the Google search result.

It's still unclear how Paula's number got there in the first place. Google allows users to edit listings but, according to its website, reviews the information before it becomes public. FOX 13 has contacted Google by email and has not yet received a response.

Paula says her boss has indicated she may get her job back once the incident is behind her.