Women team up to stop kidnapper, robber's plan

As a healthcare worker in Lake Wales helps people for a living, but her act of kindness offered Wednesday night went above and beyond.

"I'm thankful I was there during that time," Tanisha Moment said.

It was just after 7 o'clock when a 33-year-old woman was leaving Jo-Anne Fabrics on 3rd Street South in Winter Haven.

When she got to her car, police say 18-year-old Jaquan Williams showed a gun and demanded money. She gave him $5, but he wanted more and ordered her to get into an SUV and go to an ATM.

Thinking on her feet, she talked her way out of it. Instead, she offered to find an ATM inside Big Lots. 

They went in and she slipped into the bathroom. Tanisha happened to be in there too.

"She says, 'there's a man outside the door. He has a gun,' and he's basically holding her hostage. He followed her from another store and wants to shoot her," Moment remembered.

So the two made a plan. The woman left the bathroom. Meanwhile, Moment called 911.

"As I stayed on the phone with them, I stepped back out of eye-view on every isle to let 911 know where they were going throughout the store," she described.

That may have made all the difference. Police caught Williams before he and the victim could leave the store. 
The chief praised both woman for their quick thinking.

"If someone tells you someone needs help, just listen. Even if it's not that serious, because you never know. It could be worse than what it is," Moment said.

As for the suspect, Williams has prior arrests for burglary and grand theft. Police said he told them he targeted the woman because she was alone. 

The Winter Haven Police Department continues to look for a second suspect in the case.