Wood-fired ovens made in Tampa Bay aren't just great for pizza

When BJ Hall built himself a pizza oven 12 years ago, he knew he was onto something. Friends started asking him to make them one, too. By 2013, he was ready to make his popular hobby a career – and Forno Nardona was born. 

Most people call them pizza ovens, but they aren't just for pizzas. Technically they are, wood-fired ovens.

"You can cook anything there," said Hall. "Meat, pizza, bread, chicken wings. Anything like that." 

He starts with a concrete base and then adds an insulating layer below the brick floor. A dome is built on top with stucco and tiles for individual flare.

Hall does most of the work himself.

"You build it like you would want to build it for your own. So you take pride in every step you do." 

It’s the same style oven used throughout Italy. 

The floor will be 700 degrees and the dome walls will be about 900 degrees. That means cooking a pizza only take 60 to 90 seconds once the oven is up to temperature. 

That’s so hot, the oven actually retains heat for days, so you can use the oven later for other cooking, like baking bread. 

Get more information about Forno Nardona wood-fired ovens at https://fornonardona.com/