Wordle bought by NYT

The New York Times has announced that it has acquired Wordle to add the popular daily word game to its collection of puzzle games.

Wordle is the free game that has been taking off across the internet. It is a daily game where the user gets six guesses to come up with the five-letter secret word of the day in as few turns as possible.

The user starts with a guess word and then there are three outcomes for each letter. If the letter is in the word and in the correct spot the square around it turns green. If the letter is in the word but in the wrong spot the square turns yellow. If the letter is not in the word the square will turn gray.


It was developed by Brooklyn software engineer Josh Wardle.  It quickly took off and now millions of people play the game right now.

Will Wordle be free at the NY Times?

The New York Times says that Wordle will be free to play for new and existing players, and no changes will be made to its gameplay.

Wordle was acquired for an undisclosed price.  The Times reported that it was "in the low-seven figures."

The Times says its games were played more than 500 million times in 2021, and in December, it reached one million subscriptions to its games.