World Powerlifting champion stays in shape during pandemic

It's the New Year and getting in shape is on everyone's mind. If you need a little inspiration, Yvette Fox can help.

For Fox, staying in shape is a responsibility that she embraces.

"I always thought we should take care of our bodies. I think that it is our responsibility to care for our health and exercise is a big part of that," FOX said. 

Last year, she won first place at the World Powerlifting Championship as the best female raw dead lifter in the 60 to 64-year-old age group.  

"I think it's amazing. It's just beyond me," Fox said. "The most beautiful thing about it is that it inspires others. I love to hear when someone says I inspired them."

She competed against 12 lifters in the 5-day event. Fox says because of the pandemic she was able to improve her lift.

"I went from 573 pounds to 634 so I so I improved to a total of 61 pounds," she explained.

She believes that hard work and determination is important for success.

"If you don't have that mindset in the right place you will never reach your full potential," adding that she gives credit to a higher power for her accomplishments. "I think it's amazing. It's just beyond me. I can't believe that God gives me the grace to lift the weights that I do."

She hopes to spread her faith to others through the power of weightlifting. Fox just got back from the Florida Senior Games last month and finished first in the 100 meters.