Ybor City protesters: 'Trump not our president'

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There were two separate anti-trump protests in Tampa Thursday night -- one downtown and another in the streets of Ybor City.    

Hundreds of people held signs, yelled and marched through the streets in Ybor City for the second night. A second group did the same at the federal courthouse downtown.

Their message was the same: President-elect Donald Trump does not represent them.  

"This is the second time in my life that I have protested but it is a worthy cause," offered Elizabeth Layton.

Layton is 91 years old and she says she protested President George W. Bush over the war in Iraq -- and now President-elect Trump.

“We're on the road to ruin if this yo-yo gets, I shouldn't say things like that, should I? But he is not my president and I am not pleased with his election,” Layton told FOX 13 News.

The protesters -- young and old -– were racially and ethnically diverse and said they're worried about the kind of language and attacks President-elect Trump used at his rallies and campaign speeches.

“His rhetoric has emboldened very bad elements of society to become, feel empowered to further speak out against various marginalized groups. Not just only speak out, but also enact violence against people of color and other marginalized people,” explained protester Jessica Schwartz.

At one point in the shadow of a Trump flag, the protesters acknowledged they can't change the outcome of the election, but said they'd make their position clear.

In the meantime, it was just announced that Donald Trump won the state of Arizona two days after the election. The final tally was delayed because ballots had to be re-counted, as it was too close to call.

That gives Trump 11 more electoral votes, bringing his total to 290. Michigan and New Hampshire have yet to be called.