Yes, you can now buy hurricane-shaped doughnuts in the Bay Area

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First we saw hurricane cookie cakes -- now we have hurricane doughnuts!

Floridians are packing stores to buy hurricane supplies and snacks as they plan for the potential arrival of Hurricane Dorian.

To bring some levity to the situation, some bakers and decorators are getting creative with their storm-themed goodies. A photo of a Publix cookie cake decorated to show Dorian's "cone of concern" first went viral earlier this week.

Then another Publix decorator created a brightly colored hurricane cake with the message "Go away" scrawled on the side.

Now one Bay Area doughnut shop has joined in on the fun, creating doughnuts in the shape of a hurricane.

"Everybody is stressed and worried about the storm. This is a little fun," said Allen Tines, owner of Yummies Donuts and BBQ in Venice. 

In addition to the hurricane-shaped treats, Tines said they plan on making some booze-infused doughnuts as well to help customers ride out the storm.

"We are going to do some adult ones, they'll be filled with Fireball, Jim Beam Whiskey [cream]. It's like a buttercream with Fireball," he explained.

Tines started selling the hurricane doughnuts Wednesday and said he's already sold dozens.

Yummies Donuts and BBQ is open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily, but will be closed on Labor Day.