Yoder's pies are in demand each Thanksgiving

It is the busiest time of the year at Yoder's in Sarasota.

"We know it is coming every year," said Todd Emrich, an owner.

Customers are pouring into the restaurant and it is the pies that has everyone talking.

"We plan in advance, but there are always surprises," said Emrich.

Emrich's family has made the mouth-watering pies from scratch for 40 years. They make everything from chocolate cream to custard pie, and every fruit pie imaginable. Each is a family recipe.

"It is a personal touch and everything done in small batches makes a difference," he said.

By the time Thanksgiving arrives, Yoder's will have baked up 7,000 pies, feeding families from Sarasota and beyond.

"If you figured we sold 7,000 pies and you cut into 8 pieces. How many people are actually enjoying them?" said Emrich.

Staff fills the kitchen around the clock leading up to Thanksgiving.

On Monday, they made pumpkin pies. On Tuesday, it was fruit pies.

Head baker Steve Hochstetler said he works constantly.

"It is just the nice thing of knowing that you will be doing something special for somebody's family," Hochstetler said.

The pies keep people coming back.

"They are what you remember from being a kid," said Beverly Ball.

Help arrives from Amish communities up north to make sure each order is filled. From the finishing touches to being boxed up, everything is done by hand.

"There is love in each one. Absolutely. We make all our fillings. We do not take any short cuts. We make our own crusts. That is what makes it so special," said Hochstetler.

It is a treat no one will soon forget.

"You are going to have a homemade taste without all the labor and angst, and have a happy Thanksgiving," said Hochstetler.

But this year, you will have to wait until Christmas to order a Yoder's pie. They are already sold out for this Thanksgiving.