Young powerlifters compete on world stage

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When it feels like the weight of the world is on their shoulders, 22-year-old Katie Little and 15-year-old Anna Boettger literally lift that weight off.

"I come to the gym this is my happy place this is where i'm not stressed out and I can just focus on lifting," said Boettger.

For more than a year, that focus has been so strong, that the women have competed in state and national powerlifting contests and in many times, won.

"I love the powerlifting community I love all the women that I lift with they really inspire me just watching them," said Little.

Their strength was really put to the test when they were put on a global stage, competing in the IPL World Powerlifting Championships in Las Vegas.

Little surprised herself winning the gold.

"I just went for fun and to lift with these amazing women and to win was just icing on the cake," said Little.

Boettger got the silver. 

"It was really exciting," said Boettger.

"I had no doubt that they were going to do well they planned hard they worked hard all year long," said their trainer, Matthew Brewer.

A feat of strength accomplished both inside and out.

"I think it gives me more confidence just knowing that I can do something like that, more confidence in myself and my abilities," said Little.