YouTube science whiz, Chase Wiley calls Redington Beach home

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A teen known for his outrageous acts of science has become an internet sensation. Videos posted by 15-year-old Chase Wiley are must-sees on YouTube. 

"A lot of my videos are about inspiring people and getting them excited about science," Chase said.

He's launched homemade weather balloons into the atmosphere, explained the physics of back flips, and even soaked his sister's baby teeth in soda.

"In that video, I soaked my sister's teeth in Mountain Dew and Coca-Cola and I talked about why Mountain Dew is more corrosive than Coke and that video really started my channel," Chase explained.

Chase is on a mission to explain everything.

"I think I've gotten pretty good at explaining things in terms that anybody will understand. So I hope with my videos, anybody with basic scientific knowledge can get something from it," Chase said

His YouTube channel has thousands of followers, all waiting to watch as Chase reveals the secrets of science.

"I really had no idea it would ever evolve into something like this but it is his passion, he loves it," said his mother, Lisa.

Some of his demonstrations may seem reckless and even dangerous. But his parents have a long list of dos and don'ts before he can conduct an experiment.

"He first has to get the experiment approved from me; he's not allowed to do it unless myself or my husband are at home. He has to have all of the safety equipment, safety glasses, water to put out the fire. I have a long list he has to check off with me before he can do any of his experiments," Lisa explained.

He's an inquisitive young man with a creative mind, making science fun for everyone.

"I just want people to be excited about science, I kind of want to share my passion and love for science with everybody," Chase told us.

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