Zoo Tampa names red wolf pups after Florida locations

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Four new additions at Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park have finally been named. 

The zoo announced Thursday the names of its four red wolf pups, born at the end of April, have been named after Florida locations. 

The litter is made up of three boys and girl. They emerged from their den about a month after they were born and are now on display for the public to see. 

The male pups' names are Connor, Yulee, and Reddington, and the little girl pup is Boca. 

Zoo Tampa says red wolves used to inhabit the entire southeast region of the U.S., including Florida, but populations have steadily declined from habitat loss and predator control programs.

Now red wolves are critically endangered. The zoo says only around 200 red wolves remain in zoos and reintroduction areas.

Zoo Tampa introduced the new pups' parents - Yona and Apollo - in hopes they would bond and mate, which the zoo says happened quickly after they were paired. 

Red wolves form small family packs of a male, female, and their pups, the zoo said.