Braves' new, high-tech stadium taking shape

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Crews are working to beat the clock as the new home of Atlanta Braves spring training takes shape. 

"This is going to be a 365-day-a-year operation. Not only for the team [but for] all the events we are going to do in the community," said Mike Plant the President of the Atlanta Braves' development company. 

The Braves are leaving Disney's ESPN Wide World of Sports for the new location: The Cool Today Park. 

It's named after a local home service company that serves Sarasota, Charlotte, and Hillsborough counties. 

The new park will offer some of the best technology for visitors: 170 wireless access points, 175 TVs, and 200 speakers are being installed along with a tiki bar and a full 360-degree concourse. 

There will also be a video scoreboard - the largest you’ll find at any spring training site in the state of Florida. 

"A lot of that doesn't exist at Disney. It’s important to the youth and younger generation. They want to stay to stay connected. That’s an experience. They won’t leave their home without it so all of those things came into play when designing and creating this destination," said Plant. 

About 15,000 cubic yards of concrete, enough to fill two Goodyear Blimps has been poured. The land was once just a cow pasture. For the next 30 years, it'll be the spring home of the Braves. 

"To think that we broke ground a year ago and to be at the place we are today we are very lucky, very fortunate and very gratifying knowing we are that much closer to the first pitch," said Mike Dunn the Vice President of Florida operations. 

Their true day one starts on March 24 when the first pitch is thrown out as the Braves face off against the Tampa Bay Rays.