Bucs looking for Watson to step up this season

Justin Watson knows there's a role that's his for the taking this season. 

With the departures of Adam Humphries and Desean Jackson, the second-year wide receiver is getting his shot to step into a starting role.

"We know we're going to get it to Mike [Evans]," said Watson. "Chris Godwin is obviously going to be a great player; I think he was ready to explode last year. But then for the rest of us, there's definitely a lot of competition in that room."

Watson has had his moments in camp with some impressive touchdown catches, but he also had some plays that brought the ire out of Bruce Arians.

"He is the guy that went down and came out of the endzone," said Arians. "He is so smart, it’s like, ‘Come on, dude. You are one of the smartest guys we have.’ He learned from it. He is getting better and better. I think he is one of those long-speed guys that is sneaky on people.”

"[Coach Arians] is the first one to tell you when you did something wrong, the first one to tell you when you did something right," said Watson. "Certainly I was in the wrong there. You've got to own the mistake and not let it happen again."

At 6-foot-3, Watson is the second tallest receiver on the team. He's the same height as the Cardinals future Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald, who Watson grew up admiring. 

Fitzgerald flourished under Arians playing both on the outside and inside at the slot position. Watson is working hard to prove he can do the same. 

"That was probably the first thing B.A. talked about when he talked about the slot position," said Watson. "Watching tape from Arizona, you know Larry Fitzgerald was that guy. He was the leader of their receiver room and probably their best blocker. So, it’s something that is definitely really important to this coaching staff."